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When Disney Meets The Swimsuit...
Dec 05, 2017

When Disney meets the swimsuit...

It is undeniable that the princess created by Disney has stimulated our soft princess dream from 

a young age. In this summer, our princess took off his heavy dress and "changed" to a cool swimsuit. 

Let's get together. Open your eyes and look! Who are you?

1.Belle Princess——from《beauty and the beast》

Keep Belle tied the knot complex elements into the design of dress, waist split swimsuit.

beauty and the beast.jpg


The design of the gentle lotus leaf edge of the upper body completely mimics the detail of Cinderella's distinct pink dress folds.


3.Jasmine Princess——from《the Aladdin god lamp》

The same design, strapless, practical and strong activity of two sets of perfect show.

the Aladdin god lamp.jpg

4.Ariel Princess——from《the little mermaid》

From the blue-green color to the ornament of silver jewels, this neck bikini lets you immerse 

yourself in the summer seaside.

the little mermaid.jpg

5.Merida Princess——from《brave》

Silky texture and gloss Merida sparkling blue green dress the same again. The design of horizontal 

fold makes the luster more eye-catching.



The details of the collision of the conjoined surfers and the glittering fabric make it look more like 

a princess's skirt.


7.Pocahontas Princess——from《Pocahontas》

The princess from Indian needs some design elements of personality, and the neutral prints of 

the national wind are most suitable.


8.Rapunzel princess——from《magicians romance》

The ballet style lace details, bring simple and rough Bohemia style, comfortable and conspicuous,

and become a classic.

magicians romance.jpg

9.Aurora princess——from《Sleeping Beauty》

Ruched wrapped in swimsuit, add candy color pink impression,sweet and soft.

Sleeping Beauty.jpg

10.Snow White from《Snow White》

The red bow is one of the features of snow white,and this hollowed - out bathing suit uses this 

feature to the extreme.

Snow White.jpg

11.Tiana Princess——from《the princess and the frog》

Deanna's clothes are almost the lily itself, and the details of the use of flower crochet needles 

will remind us of her. When you find the crown of the flower, you will be her.

the princess and the frog.jpg