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Vietnam Stewardess Bikini Propaganda Photo Crazy Heat Under The Underwear Queen Model To Help Out
Dec 23, 2017

Vietnam stewardess Bikini propaganda photo crazy heat under the underwear Queen model to help out


According to the Vietnamese "Youth Daily" website, local time on September 18, a group of Vietnamese "flight attendant" wearing a bikini filming propaganda photo pass on the Internet crazy, causing users hot. It is reported that the group photos of Vietnam's second-largest airline "Vietnam Airlines" advertising, but the company strongly denied that the unofficial release.


As you can see from the photos, the "stewardess", wearing a red-yellow bikini with the logo of "Vietnam Express Airlines," possesses a sexy look inside and outside the aircraft. These "stewardesses" include nine models from the well-known local model company Venus, many of whom are Ngoc Trinh known as the "Underwear Queen of Vietnam."