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Trend Of Swimwear In Spring And Summer 2018——Flower Bomb
Dec 04, 2017

Trend of swimwear in spring and summer 2018——Flower bomb

Flower bomb.jpg

A new hot season has come unwittingly, and the stamp is still unretreated. But designers seem to be infatuated with romance and tenderness. The new season's printing has abandoned excessive publicity and brings a refreshing breath to the holiday season with soft and sweet flowers.

Aquarella design with small yellow bikinis, hollowed out bra is hot, like a smoke dream for printing design adds a touch of gentle and charming. Michael Kors one-piece design with one shoulder, with a retro flavor, plus a ruffle and small Suihua, exudes a deep sense of nostalgia. Tory Burch bikinis, show a bra and shorts waist slender leaves, green printing is full of vitality, a youthful color. Wet Swimwear who uses the same high waist design trunks, flower printed lifelike bucolic, pink ruffle trim and filled with sweet taste. Zimmermann's bikini is simple, but not very simple. Dot and line flower prints are full of artistic atmosphere. The blue-green tune is cool and refreshing for the hot holiday season.