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Trend Of Swimwear In Spring And Summer 2018——Vitality Summer
Dec 05, 2017

Trend Of Swimwear In Spring And Summer 2018——Vitality Summer

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In the vast and boundless sea, the arrival of the summer is probably less than the appearance of sexy swimsuits. On the beach in the wonderful world of beauty and sea water, coral and fish swim to Bikini scene inspiration, key pattern geometric prints exotic is the 2015 spring summer, hollow design and weaving design and integration, to inherit the traditional swimsuit moment also shows a different futuristic design.

Different from before all three points in the swimsuit styles, this season introduced swimsuit, the movement styles of the long sleeve, people from the natural environment in the uptake of imagination inspiration, characteristics of aggressive cutting line type suit jacket, plus the printed map of natural trees = design case, pull a chain modern sportswear feeling, collocation thong triggered unlimited imagination pattern. The printing pattern typically filled with strong flavor of Bohemia, and by the stomacher type chest zipper design, covered with retro styles also declared the season of tropical luxury. Elegant purple and mysterious black, create fashionable sportsmen pop elements in the stiff surfing costume, and the springy fabric will make the athletes breath.