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Trend Of Swimwear In Spring And Summer 2018——Leather Complex
Nov 25, 2017

Trend of swimwear in spring and summer 2018——Leather complex

Trend of swimwear in spring and summer 2018.jpg

Cool leather clothing, always exudes a handsome charm, so that everyone can not help but fascinated. In the new season, designers are still obsessed with leather, and they use leather like fabrics to swim on a swimsuit that allows people to get through a cool, hot summer.

Indah imitation leather fabric bikinis, matte look very textured, with both sides of the hollow triangular hammock bra shape, is hot and sexy. La Perla bikini take the neck design, with the texture of imitation leather fabric, exudes the charm of seductive smell. Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini design is very simple, the tailoring of sports style makes swimsuit full of vitality. Mikoh's one-piece swimsuit uses seamless design, with sleek lines that are stylish and perfect, showing body curves. Tavik Siamese swimsuit, shiny leather imitation fabric makes people fondle admiringly, low V and I back design in the sexy sexy show movement.