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The Trend Of New Season Five Type Swimwear
Nov 09, 2017

The trend of new season five type swimwear

What's the most CHIC models?

Although the west to be quite different aesthetic meaning,

But it is already fashionable "globalization".

Here are 5 trends for swimwear in 2018,

The selection of a new swimsuit, try these design elements into the design concept, 

what style, even swimsuit, also can let a person see your good taste.

Type A:High Waisted trend

High waisted body swimsuit in the early 30s appeared, with a strong retro flavor, 

recent seasons in swimwear design a strong resurgence of influence also to some 

extent by the fashion trend of the waist, hip of the burst table.


2015 Miami swimwear week: Sinesia Karol brand show


2015 Miami swimwear week: Wildfox Swim brand show

Type B:Longline trend

The Longline style is influenced by corset and a popular corset belly, as with the surrounding 

bikinis were lengthened. In the more fashion sense and swimwear design is invisible, can also 

play a role in highlighting the waist.


2015 Miami swimwear week: Belusso brand show


2015 Miami swimwear week: Mara Hoffman Swim brand show

Type C:Bandeau trend

Swimsuit bra styles also have a retro gene from the last century in 40s, the split reform after 

the resurgence of more modern. The design of the new season and get rid of the stereotype 

of the "girl" people tube dress sense, is endowed with more fashionable and sexy temperament.


2015 Miami swimwear week: Mikoh brand show


2015 Miami swimwear week: Suboo brand show

Type D:Halter-neck trend

By diving suit and fitness clothes design, Halter-neck become new hot swimwear swimwear styles, 

although the extension movement in swimwear design, but the new season still through various 

design changes to bring people of different senses of fashion.


2015 Miami swimwear week: Lolli Acacia brand show


2015 Miami swimwear week: Wildfox Swim

Type E:Wrap trend

Make a hollow design design model by the season before the popular swimsuit evolved, 

because the hollow Renaissance led style swimwear at the beach in look, making a style 

of swimwear is also an excellent choice for outdoor swimming.


2015 Miami swimwear week: Liliana Montoya Swim brand show


2015 Miami swimwear week: Lolli Acacia brand show