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The Historical Development Of Sunglasses
Oct 18, 2017

At least 3 countries claim that they invented the glasses first. 500 years ago, the Spanish missionaries ' book mentioned that they had taken their glasses back from China, but unfortunately there was no physical evidence. One more word is that Eskimos used a wooden goggles 500 years ago, actually a long plank with two slits on it, which is clearly not a dark-tinted pair. It is believable that modern sunglasses are European inventions. 18th century Europe, the Industrial revolution has begun, glass manufacturing and precision metal processing is becoming increasingly perfect. At that time, the manufacturers of glasses are mainly small workshops, using handmade, and each of the glasses to be labeled with the name of the manufacturer. Many of these small workshops later became manufacturers of precision instruments and watches. At that time the glasses had become a high society's favorite, the Swallow tail clothing, Stick (Stick) and the clip nose glasses is a decent enough gentleman's standard dress.

The biggest wealth of the industrial revolution to humans was cars and airplanes, while cars and airplanes brought goggles popularity, because airplanes were also convertible, and no goggles could not drive.