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How Many Eyes Are There In The Swimsuit Out Of The Street?
Jan 12, 2018

How many eyes are there in the swimsuit out of the street? These fashion designers want to set off a wave of water sports wind


What's the latest trend in the swimsuit? That is to have a cool swimsuit to wear ordinary clothes design, a mix of advanced custom clothing is the most popular.

Is this the coat or the bikini? These shorts or men's swim briefs? When we study the spring fashion of 2018, it is always difficult to distinguish it.


That's true. In this season's fashion, the distinction between swimsuits and clothing becomes blurred. Designers and water sports style clothes into trousers, or stacked on the waist coat, it seems to tell the outside world, not only swimsuits have such water movement wind.

But will it be disrespectful to wear a bikini? Miuccia Prada doesn't think so. She is in the MiuMiu and Prada series, on her a swimming cap is equipped with a dress or skirt "sweet life" retro suit with the wind. Joseph Altuzarra was swimming inspired designed beach style ruffled bra, she later changed it for retail swimwear.

However, it is sometimes difficult to get the fashion on the T to get into the "ordinary people". But once successful, the surplus value of this trend will be further "dry" your summer wardrobe. "I think people like this multipurpose," said designer Lisa Mary Fernandez. She has been pursuing this idea since she founded her own swimsuit and casual clothes brand in 2009. "Bikini is no longer a bikini. One piece of lady's swimsuit can be a tight fitting." She always believed that can use denim, seersucker and crepe made bikinis and swimwear. Such clothes are suitable for both the seaside and the roadside. Of course, the clothes that wear this kind of material can swim as well.


Elyse Walker has a clothing store named in her name on Newport beach in California and Pacific Palisades. She recommended a frilly bikinis coat, as Fernandez designed clothes, with loose trousers or skirt hem, high waisted, showing only a small part of the abdomen. A type of low collar clothes can be easily tucked into high waisted jeans. Alice Walker said customers could "buy a bikini to go to St. Bart 's, or to go to Hamptons for dinner in the same clothes." This is called investment dressing (only a few pieces of the season clothes, only a few different accessories and Mashup). Her favorite brand of other "sell" swimwear is Australia's Zimmerman and Jonathan Simkhai, who has just joined the swimsuit designer in New York.

In order to get a swimsuit to wear the usual clothes, you need to pay attention to the material and the outline. Ann Caruso, a fashion designer in New York, said, "I think the retro wind is the most suitable." The top and bottom cut in 1950s not only cover parts of the body more and more avant-garde. She added, "you don't have to be designed to be a banding bikini." Fernandez said that a supporting form is found in the material with strong handle, so that the swimsuit with artificial elastic fiber material will not be brought to the swimming pool and the beach. Even the most basic style, she used a large amount of lustrous chloroprene rubber scuba diving material.


Fernandez also gave another small suggestion: when you go to town in a swimsuit, you must be sure that some of your parts are well covered. "If you show your shoulders and wear an open navel jacket, you need to wear a pair of pants or a little length skirt to balance it," she said. In 2015, Fernandez included skirts and dresses in her new series, some of which were drawn from "swimsuit Street". If you don't want to go all in to get dressed, she recently launched a small series with Matches Fashion, which has some matching swimsuit skirts / dresses.

From New York designer Joseph Altuzarra shows the charming dress of other ways in his design series, the bikinis floral corset on striped knit dress shoulder type card inside, so only a frilly tie dew out. In other designs, he put a bra on a cherry short skirt with a short jacket, and the final result is lively and solemn.


When Otto Zara suggested wearing a swimsuit collocation on a silk dress shirt collar, in addition to unlock exposed bikinis, or put under the buckle with shorts. With a belt and a pair of sandals, it's a whole. "In the past, you usually wear formal dress and occasionally wear a holiday dress," Fernandez said. "Now the clothes collocation more reflect the way of life, only in the pool to wear the suit is a" Bo Tim Tin Mat "."

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