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History Of The Bikini
Oct 18, 2017

Before 1946, it was just a place name--a small island that President Truman approved for a nuclear test. In the first half of the year, women only dared to wear a collar, flat feet tightly wrapped in the body of the "bathing suit" to the seaside swimming, the beach scene is black.

Until then, swimwear was conservative and covered most of the body. The Reard design is exposed to most of the abdomen. Many of the professional fashion models in Paris were intimidated by the swimsuit, since they were almost completely nude. However, a stripper named was brave enough to challenge traditional ideas by putting a bikini on the edge of a swimming pool, letting reporters take pictures, and another bikini on a plastic model.

In fact, this swimsuit, named Bikini, really shook the world. The Mediterranean countries see it as a plague, and Italy has banned Spanish coast guards from wearing bikinis, and even the United States has caught a bikini.

Australian designer  The introduction of bikinis into Australia in 1952, causing a stir. The beach patrol  immediately grabbed a model wearing a short swimsuit designed by Paula. "It's too short!" He shouted with a hoarse voice and escorted the model away from the beach. Paula wasn't intimidated. She put 5 other girls in bikinis, informed the local newspaper and invited the mayor, a priest and a police chief to the scene. As a result, nothing happened, but she made a startling publicity effect.