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Exaggerated Feather Accessories Is To Steal The Spotlight, C Lo Girlfriend Yilina Latest Wild Bikini Photo
Dec 23, 2017

Exaggerated feather accessories is to steal the spotlight, C Lo girlfriend Yilina latest wild bikini photo

Since Victoria's Secret underwear show to the underwear angel wear exaggerated wings, large and small lingerie show began to imitate this style, even when making underwear photo is also true. Such as C Lo girlfriend Yilina - Sha Yi grams of this new group of large bikini, exaggerated feather wings it is to steal the spotlight ah.


C Lo girlfriend Irina wild bikini photo

Recently, C Luo's girlfriend Yilina - Shayk brand new cool bikini exposure. Her light gauze in the photo, flying feathers, eyes charming, show a charming curve.


Elena Bikini show


Russian supermodel Elena - Shayk