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Even Disney Princess Wearing A Bikini Summer Will Be To Recommend A Few Fashionable Swimsuit Modeling
Nov 14, 2017

Even Disney Princess wearing a bikini summer will be to recommend a few fashionable swimsuit modeling

Beyond the childish Princess bikini, what other bikini swimsuits 

can store up before the little holiday?

bikini swimsuits.jpg

Recently, a series of photos of Disney Princess appeared on Instagram. 

However, this time, the princess dress is actually more "cool", their princess 

dress into a bikini version.

bikini swimsuits (2).jpg

It turned out that this is a Disney series of bikini swimwear brand launched. 

The swimsuit brand is called Enchanted Bikinis, the Chinese meaning is roughly 

"magic bikini." The brand's style comes from the fairy tale characters. This time, 

heart princess dream you can dream beautiful and sexy.


                              Mermaid Bikini Top

swimwear (3).jpg

                              Snow white bikini top

swimwear (2).jpg

                                     Sleeping beauty bikini set

The weather has been gradually from the spring summer, many areas in the 

South have begun to wear short sleeved shorts. Believe that soon, the circle 

of friends will be filled with a variety of exclusive swimsuit photos. Especially 

when traveling with a friend on holiday, there is no good-looking bikini in the 

water, which can be very abrupt in the picture.


      Korean fashion blogger Sophia Chang recent Instagram photos

swimwear (4).jpg

            Gilda Ambrosio Instagram account from blogger in Italy

In order to show off a winter secretly fitness results, a sexy swimsuit is essential. 

However, no one is perfect, know how to avoid the shortcomings of the body 

clever, it is better to learn about the careful selection of swimsuit machine.

swimwear (6).jpg

swimwear (5).jpg

          The picture is similar to Pimkie Scallop Swimsuit: ASOS

Want to hide the lower abdomen and waist fat words, rather than learning 

the Kardashian family's sister Kylie Jenner wear high waist paragraph. 

Lengthen the leg line can also hide the waist fat.


                                              Kylie Jenner

swimwear (4).jpg

                 ASOS  Gingham Print Cotton Frill Bandeau Bikini 

swimwear (3).jpg

                               Urban Outfitter, Out from Under

If you think your back is too wide, you should avoid putting your eyes on 

your shoulder when you're in bikini, so you don't have to think about the 

style of the shoulder strap, and you can start with some decorative patterns 

in other parts to divert sight.


swimwear (2).jpg

                 Nastey Gal FRILLY JEAN CROCHET BIKINI SET

swimwear (3).jpg

                 Nasty Gal CATCHING WAVES AZTEC BIKINI SET

swimwear (4).jpg

             ASOS Noisy May Tan Lines One Shoulder Ring Bikini

Long swimming as exercise might be used to wear a one-piece swimsuit, 

but if you go on vacation and worry about one-piece dress up too naive, 

not sexy enough. In fact, some bloggers chose the one-piece swimsuit on 

holiday this year, but choosing the best style is the key point.


                                            Gilda Ambrosio

swimwear (2).jpg

                                          Eleonora Carisi

swimwear (3).jpg

           Kylie Jenner and friends' mesh one-piece swimming suit

swimwear (4).jpg

                    Kylie Jenner similar paragraph: Free People


                                           Melissa Odabash 

swimwear (5).jpg

             Skye & Staghorn Striped Plunge Swimsuit With Tie Front 

swimwear (6).jpg

                       Free People Coquina One Piece Swimsuit  

swimwear (3).jpgswimwear (3).jpg