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Bikini Shopping
Oct 18, 2017

If you join a woman who does not dare to wear a bikini, make sure you are confident in the following points. First, it's obvious that investing in a bikini that's just right and that's really cute. Second, almost every woman buys a couple of bikini tops and costumes, so it's a good way to pick out the ones that can be sold separately, although sometimes it's confusing.

Keep in mind that unless you have a slender leg and slim figure, don't wear a boy-style boxer pair. Most people are still more beautiful in their body with a straight or spoon-shaped bathing suit. It is interesting to think that the more it is not to cover the buttocks, the more thin, many women wear less, such as some people wear high waist trimmed bikini instead of even better. Neck belt adjustment will often create a charming cleavage, and some busty women can choose the top of the steel, but this effect will be exaggerated.

When choosing a bikini, color is the most important factor. I found myself in the beginning of the holiday very suitable for lavender, turquoise, because the complexion is still very pale, after the sun, warm, colorful color should play.