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A Brief History Of Women's Swimwear——less And Less Cloth
Nov 25, 2017

A brief history of women's swimwear——less and less cloth

In the hot summer beach, women wear colorful and naked swimsuit, sexy or sexy, but who can think of the original swimsuit was made of wool?!

In 1913, Portland knitting company, located in downtown Portland, Oregon, produced its first bathing suit. These changes have taken place in swimwear over the last hundred years of conflict between avant garde and conservatives.


In 1920s, Hollywood movies were thought to play a role in the popularity of swimsuits. The most iconic of the time was the Jantzen brand wool fabric, swimwear, and the diving girl, wearing a red swimsuit, logo. At this point, some beaches in the United States even specified the length of the swimsuit. Although these ten years have been popular wool swimsuit, but Speedo brand also break the routine, the first design and release of non wool swimsuit.


Latex and more intimate fabrics are used to make swimsuits, replacing the formerly limited wool fabrics. The appearance of the tight fitting swimsuit first defined the bust line, and brought a lighter style of swimsuit costume for the times.


Before 1946, bikini was just the name of an island on the Pacific for atomic bomb tests. In July 18, 1946, the French Louis R ard launched a consists of three pieces of cloth and four strap swimsuit in Paris. R ard will be named "swimsuit bikinis, hope comparable to the atomic bomb this swimsuit shock can bring to the world and bikinis on the island. The popularity of bikinis was also derived from the protection of cloth during World War ii.


By 1950s, swimsuit style became more and more tight. Although bikini is very popular, Marilyn Monro's one-piece swimsuit is also very popular.


Because of the stretch fabric used in modern swimming suits, swimsuits have become smaller and smaller. In addition, swimsuit style has been affected by the California Beach Party and surfing culture in the United States, which can be seen from movies like Beach Blanket Bingo and so on.


In the United States, actress Farah Fawcett becomes a spokesperson for the swimsuit in 1970s. In 1975, she sold 12 million copies of her iconic swimsuit poster. The swimsuit is colorful and the style is more diverse than ever before.


Bright colors, fashion and sporty lifestyles of 90s have influenced the style of swimsuit for ten years. One of the most iconic is the Pamela Anderson in the American TV series "coast rescue team" classic red sports swimsuit. In 1980s, the fashionable tight V swimsuit was still popular. In addition, the two piece swimsuit began to enter everyone's line of sight.