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2018, You Should Know The Trend Of Swimwear
Nov 03, 2017

2018, you should know the trend of swimwear



2018 Women Swimwear lingerie fashion trend summary


● Color: red and coke orange is very important. Blue, cyan, navy with bright color printing, contrast 

with the simple black and white color.

● Edition: minimalist models to build relatively conservative long-sleeved swimwear. Tube top is still 

popular, shoulder styling has something new.

● Printing & Pattern: Oversized leaf printing improves tropical flowers.

● fabrics & details: glossy wet effect fabric and metallic fabrics create a luxurious eye-catching a

ppearance. Underwear swimsuit is still popular, the use of straps, embroidery appliqués, crocheted 

fabrics, lace trim embellishment.

Neck hanging collar

Minimalist all-inclusive truncated version inspired by the sports bra, this season swimwear extensive use of this design. The new style to create streamlined appearance, concise version filled with sporty atmosphere.


Strap design

Bikini and swimwear extensive use of girdle strap detail. Straps for the side, to create a delicate appearance; for deep V-collar style is even more bold and sexy.


Shoulder detail

Bikini and full body swimwear are used off shoulder design. Fallen shoulder with lotus leaf, showing 

a romantic and charming temperament; smooth drop shoulder design eye-catching appearance.

Hanging shoulders and cover sleeves with minimalist positive, so that the overall effect of modern. 

Plain models or printing models are all.


Large lotus leaf edge

Swimsuit popular oversized lotus leaf edge, interesting and feminine. Eye-catching flounced color to 

create a retro carnival style appearance. Can be used with soft printing, creating a sophisticated 

romantic feeling.Fun size and layout, to create a deliberately exposed exaggerated version.


Shiny shine

The moisturized look and shiny sheen are used to make one-piece swimsuits. Eye-catching fabric 

to create a stylish appearance.

Simple shape, the use of exquisite strips and deep V style. Mainly black, silver, bronze and other 

solid colors.


Leaves printing

Classic tropical style printing is still popular, simple image leaves bring its update. Green contrasts with white, keeping the prints clean. A few bright colors for the visual effects plus points.


Truncated style

Minimalist all-inclusive short paragraph swimsuit inspired by sports underwear. The style has a 

streamlined appearance, minimalist version filled with a sense of movement.

Bright colors or prints create an exaggerated effect. 90s a collar and lower spoon collar to create 

minimalist appearance.


Surfing clothes

Long-sleeved swimsuit emerged. Hollow and low-necked back design to create a sexy appearance, eye-catching printing for the overall effect of more personalized. Long sleeves with a low collar back, sleeves with all-inclusive swimwear, visual effects better. Contrast of color streaks and color printing for design bonus points.


Underwear swimwear

Underwear details and fabrics continue to affect the swimsuit design. Embroidery patterns and appliqués 

are used in bikinis, lace trim and meshes for one-piece swimsuits with underwear as a visual impression.

Embroidery panels are still popular in the season and are used in modern versions and styles. Bold 

print is also suitable for the shape, with the whole lace and beautiful trim.