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2018 Early Spring Swimsuit Series Trend: Ocean Style
Nov 25, 2017

2018 early spring swimsuit series trend: Ocean style

Ocean style.jpg

In the early spring of 2018, the heat of the ocean style was not diminished, and from the 

ocean blues to the stripes, the patterns of marine creatures, and even the anchor patterns, 

the designers were integrated into the sexy swimsuit. Albertine directly wears the swimsuit 

on the seashore landscape. Under the atmosphere of artistic atmosphere, the wearer is 

extremely easy to be "the person in the painting", and the V shape of the chest brings 

elegance and sexy. Sperry Top-Sider marine style crayfish prints, which show a playful 

charm in this season's swimsuit trend, the details of the tether on the chest make printing 

not monotonous. Magicsuit by Miraclesuit, by gradually changing the blue layering, imitate 

the depth of the sea with the increase of color, each layer is like a spray, especially refreshing 

and cheerful. Tommy Bahama uses the anchor pattern to decorate the edge, integrates the 

black and white and the blue, the clear sense of hierarchy creates the pleasant esthetic feeling. 

Giejo simple blue and white stripes, is still the world trend of the classic swimsuit never faded, 

with baggy shorts instead of hot sexy thong, equally sexy, but not too much bare skin, 

everything just right.