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Trend Of Swimwear In Spring And Summer 2018——Art Line
Nov 25, 2017

Trend Of Swimwear In Spring And Summer 2018——Art Line

2018 early spring swimsuit series trend.jpg

This season's swimwear, many designers have adopted the method of combining the new dyeing, fabric, showing a new style color and printing. Lenny Niemeyer with graffiti style brush outline simple two lines, subtle art as the wind like a fresh, long sleeved design is a popular contemporary style. Orlebar Brown to the blue, black and white gradient to create rich layers of color halo, unreal line boundaries with a little hazy beauty. Clover Canyon is the perfect blend of blue and green to create a distance like color stitching, almost look like brush painting art effect, local sequined ingeniously simple tie dyed fabric with modern fashion sense. Hanne Bloch is completely subvert the traditional tie dye brings simple and monotonous, colorful designs like digital printing a beautifully detailed, carefully pry found from intensive short lines and.

Now most of the swimsuit is made of elastic nylon fabric, lightweight and wearable, it has been widely used in casual clothes, sportswear design. And Letarte by Lisa Cabrinha uses a new type of surfing anti abrasion fabric, blue, white stripes irregular edge of the line, so that the classic design glow with new vitality. The short sleeved design popular with sexy waistline, even without movement is also out of the dress, with thongs and hurried to the beach!