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What do you need to pay attention to when buying women's swimsuits?
Oct 31, 2017

What do you need to pay attention to when buying women's swimsuits?

The most important thing to choose a swimsuit is fit , too big or too small is not fit.

*Fair-skinned people in black,sea blue or brightly coloured swimsuits are more appropriate.

*It's better to wear white or fluorescent bathing suits when you're dark skinned.

*An overly slender person chooses a large flower pattern or a brightly colored swimsuit, which makes the person look fuller.

* To make yourself look slim, you can wear dark or small floral type swimsuit.

*The person with a narrow shoulder should wear a wide circle collar or an one-word swimsuit.

*The shoulder wide people should wear shoulder sling type coarse swimsuit, can also choose a strapless style.

*The waist rougher is best to wear both sides of the waist side with the middle part is the swimsuit designed with contrasting colors.

*Waist longer’s person is suitable for wearing two piece swimsuit, swimming trunks with high waist design is appropriate.

*The chest is relatively flat, suitable for wearing the bathing suit with a breast pad or a wrinkled design on the chest.

*Chest big is suitable to wear a head of dark swimsuit, design simple and plain, low bosom and bosom adornment too much should avoid.

*The person with bigger buttocks should choose the picture to focus on the upper body, the lower body USES plain color and simple design, in order to shift the line of sight.

*If the legs are short, it is better to wear a high fork swimsuit, which can make people feel illusion, legs look slender.What do you need to pay attention to when buying women's swimsuits.jpg

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