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Swimsuit matching Skills
Oct 18, 2017

1. Type A: The chest is not plump is a lot of troubles of women in the east, thin breasts of women, want to make the chest looks more plump, it is necessary to choose some of the chest pleated swimsuit style, because the three-dimensional folds of the fold, can make the chest looks more rounded. If you want to have more significant effect, you can choose peach red, yellow and other colorful bathing suit, foil in the white complexion, can make the line more prominent.

Key points: Chest with radian lines, "V"-shaped split line, in the chest plus half a cup or bikini-specific chest pad, select irregular large flower pattern, color to fresh color mainly, can cover the edge of the mat. Avoid choosing a swimsuit that is too simple and monochrome.

2. Shape B: Waist-thin hip width is the most typical Oriental girls figure, to amend this figure can try skirt bathing suit and split swimsuit, can receive different effects. Skirt swimsuit hem can play a role in covering, but should pay attention to is the width of the skirt pendulum, too tight can only play the opposite role. Split swimsuit because of the division between the waist and the crotch to weaken the contrast, thereby highlighting the waist and reduce people's attention to the wide crotch. If the buttocks plump, should choose the flat foot or short skirt style swimsuit, the upper body with the exaggerated pattern, can effectively conceal the fat buttocks. Because the exaggerated pattern has the function of shifting sight, while shorts or short skirts can effectively conceal the fullness of the buttocks, play out the effect of decoration.

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