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Swimsuit Maintenance
Oct 18, 2017

When you put on your bathing suit

1. Avoid sitting on rough objects;

2. Avoid sun oil and sunscreen exposure to bathing suits.

After swimming

1. Rinse the salt powder, sand, chloride, sun oil, sunscreen and other corrosive substances on the bathing suit with water. Because the above substances will make the swimsuit fiber damaged, color darkening, to elastic;

2. Do not wring, get involved in dry towel, absorb too much water.

Back home.

1. Rinse immediately with lukewarm water, use a mild detergent, do not use washing machines and bleach.

2. Thoroughly rinse and clean;

3. Do not use the hand twist, put the swimsuit flat on the dry towel, and then together with the towel, let the towel suction to the water on the swimsuit, do not put the wet bathing suit curled;

4. Shade, do not use clothes dryer or iron;

5. After dry, put in a cool place.

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