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Swimsuit fabric knowledge that can't be missed
Dec 23, 2017

Swimsuit fabric knowledge that can't be missed

First, the classification of fabric

DuPont Leica, polyamide and polyester are the most commonly used materials for swimsuits at present. Any special material, such as the sky and the flower, can not be separated from the above three kinds of elastic characteristics. A lot of new swimsuit will add anti UV, anti chloride or water treatment and other special processing.

Two. The characteristics of the fabric

1, Dupont Leka: it is an artificial elastic fiber, and the best elastic material can extend to 4~6 times of the original length and has excellent stretchy degree. It is suitable for blending with all kinds of fibers, and it can strengthen the texture drop and wrinkle resistance. DuPont Leica, which contains a chlorine resistant component, will make the swimsuit longer life than the ordinary material.

2, nylon fabric: Although the texture is not as solid as Leica fabric, but the flexibility of flexibility has been different from the Leica. At present, the most commonly used fabrics for swimwear are suitable for medium price products.

3, polyester fabric: for one way, two square stretch of the elastic fabric. Because the elastic is limited, most of the use of split two section type in female swimming or swimming trunks, not suitable for one-piece type. Materials that can be partially cut or low univalent.

Three, material and excipient

The design of the swimsuit is one of the principles of "comfort" and "body fitting". Most of the use of polyamide, and the elasticity of the fabric needs to be consistent, not to affect the consumer wear comfort. Therefore, "elasticity" is an absolutely necessary requirement when choosing the auxiliary material. Due to the trend of the trend, if the use of metal, acrylic, shell and other inelastic auxiliary materials, the design needs to choose the position of the body does not affect the flexibility of the body. The application properly, there will be good effect key accessories.

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