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Quality standard for sunglasses
Oct 18, 2017

Eyes are the same as skin. If exposed to intense ultraviolet rays, prolonged exposure to the sun can increase the risk of cataracts. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, want to consider its ultraviolet function, filtering function stronger, the protection effect is better. A lot of people think that. The darker the lens, the more it can avoid the sunlight stimulation. The darker the lens, the more the pupil is placed, so if there is no UV filtering function, the loss of the eye will be greater. The national quality standard for sunglasses is: can through 95 cages above the ultraviolet rays, light transmittance should be at, 5%-30% or so, the two-sided lens is quite color uniformity and the whole is not greater than 5%, depending on the object is not deformed, comfortable and beautiful.

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