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Quality of swimwear
Oct 18, 2017

1. Fabric and structure. It is best to choose elastic fabric with spandex content above 15%, this swimsuit can be freely scaled with the body movement, swimming in the swimming pool, to pay attention to the fabric of the water in the pool of chlorine molecule content of the degree of adaptation, the most popular in the international three-dimensional elastic fabric made of swimwear, the most suitable for low-temperature water or swimming when selected. Because this kind of fabric is more hollow, it is easy to keep body temperature. As little as possible to buy or not to buy imitation of the so-called "imported spandex high elastic fabric." One is the clothing fabric spandex content generally in 15%-20%, the second is the imitation of fabric due to compositional variation, after the water back elasticity very poor.

2. Workmanship and safety. Because swimwear is a sports practical clothing, tensile strength is stronger, it is best not to choose stitching more styles. When the amount of exercise is large, it is easy to get from stitching. In the sewing seam, three needles five stitches for the basic, three needles six lines most firmly. The elasticity of the line is consistent with the tensile strength of the fabric. Beach series is the best choice of pleated line, so beautiful, stretch degree is also stronger.

3, the health aspect, the silk cover cotton swimsuit surface has the chemical fiber fabric smooth, bright advantage, the inner layer uses the pure cotton to make, has no stimulation to the skin, especially suits the skin irritability person to wear. Swimsuit crotch should have interlining, have lining of swimsuit longer life. After the sun is washed.

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