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It has a knack for maintaining and buying swimsuits
Dec 23, 2017

It has a knack for maintaining and buying swimsuits

Summer is a good time for swimming. What should you pay attention to when you buy a swimsuit? And what do you care about the swimsuit?

Citizens should try to choose swimming suits with soft body, good elasticity and weak water absorption. The swimsuit with more than 15% spandex can stretch as the body moves. The factors of determining the quality of the swimsuit include elasticity, density, air permeability and so on. At the same time, the swimsuit is not like some people say the greater the resilience, the better, but better resilient, many times stretching can still return to the original, plus hand feel good. As the swimsuit is a sportswear, it has a strong tensile force. It is best not to choose a more stitching style. Because human motion is large, easily from the stitching line.

Some swimmers like to throw their bathing suits and dirty clothes in the washing machine, and the swimsuit will soon become a waste. Swimsuit maintenance should pay attention to the following aspects:

One, persistent insolation will hurt the elasticity of the swimsuit. The swimsuit is better to wet the swimsuit with clean water before the swimmer's swimming pool.

Two. Avoid rubbing with rough rock or ground when wearing a swimsuit. Three, if the swimmer is wearing sunscreen all over the body, you should wait for a sunscreen and wear a swimsuit after half dry.

Four, the swimsuit was replaced as soon as possible after washing with water below 35 degrees Celsius, gently rub, with a towel dry up after the resumption. Do not wash clean, do not use detergent, bleach, etc..

Five. Avoid a wet swimsuit in a plastic bag or mixed with other clothes for a long time.

Six, the suit after washing should be dried naturally, do not exposure, so as not to dry hard materials, loss of elasticity.

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