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How to choose suitable swimsuit?
Dec 23, 2017

How to choose suitable swimsuit?

The weather is getting hot, it is time to put on the summer swimsuit, choose the right swimsuit, not only to modify the defects, but also can improve the beautification of the body lines, so that you are full of confidence. Today we will take you to learn how to tailor-made, choose their own swimwear.

Tailor the most important. Swimwear must be fit, if too large, easy to swim in swimming, increase the body weight and resistance.

Full-size people can consider simple style swimsuit, the color of the big V-neck jumpsuit swimsuit, both romantic and gentle, it can highlight your elegant temperament.

The plump people, avoid wearing light-colored swimsuit, try to choose straight stripes or flowers pattern, this will visually stretch your overall line.

For rounded people, a swimsuit with different colors or patterns in upper and lower body is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, fair-skinned people, you can boldly choose some bright and lively colors.

PS: swimsuit, swimsuit will be deformed after the heat, so do not wash with hot water to avoid drying. Before swimming, wet the swimsuit with clean water and avoid the infringement of chlorine after the swimsuit is drained. After swimming, the first rinse with water to the swimsuit on the chlorine, and then gently rub the laundry detergent, rinse with a towel after the water will be sucked away, tiled in the shade, to avoid exposure to the sun, so as not to dry the fabric Brittle.

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