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How to choose a bathing suit
Oct 18, 2017

(1) Siamese bathing suit: The Siamese swimsuit is the safest, most classic swimsuit dress, a very good choice for a shy woman.

(2) flat-footed bathing suit: for women who do not want to show their own, the flat-footed swimsuit is a bit more conservative, but its disadvantage is that it makes the legs look short, so choose carefully. The straight-angle swimsuit is also suitable for people with smaller thighs.

(3) High waist type bathing suit: The woman of Alvine micro-sudden, should choose high waist type swimsuit, best with twill, can use this to reach the waist effect, also can use this to divert attention, reach adornment effect.

(4) Skirt-style swimsuit: For women with flat hips, the choice of skirt-tilting swimsuit is very suitable, both to beautify the hip line from the visual, but also to show the graceful legs.

(5) Split swimsuit: It's a fashionable lady's choice, and the lady with a good figure can do it.

(6) Large V-neck body-type bathing suit: If your chest is very plump, waist buttocks and very hypertrophy, you can choose a large v-neck swimsuit, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the effect.

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