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How do you pick out the summer SWIMSUIT?
Dec 23, 2017

How do you pick out the summer SWIMSUIT?

The weather is getting hot, and you run in between the blue sky blue sea, golden beach, when a figure curvaceous and soft. A swimsuit suitable for yourself is absolutely essential. So how to choose SWIMSUIT? In this little editor, you will introduce the knack of swimsuit selection from the aspects of workmanship, safety and fabric.

Swimsuits, not more expensive is the better.

Knowledge Of Underwear 1,workmanship and safety:

As the swimsuit is a sports practical garment, it has a strong tensile force. It is best not to choose a more stitching style. The large amount of exercise, easily from the stitching line. At the sewing seam, the three needle and five thread stitch is basic, the three needle and the six line are the strongest. The elastic strength of the line should be consistent with the tensile strength of the fabric. It is best to choose the pleat line in the beach series, which is both beautiful and more elastic.

Knowledge Of Underwear 2, health:

Silk covered cotton swimwear surface has the advantages of bright and bright chemical fiber fabrics. The inner layer is woven with pure cotton, which is not irritating to the skin, especially suitable for people with skin allergy. The crotch of the swimsuit should be lined, and the lining of the swimsuit is longer.

Knowledge Of Underwear 3, fabric and structure:

To the natural river, the seashore and the deep water swimming, you should choose a swimsuit with a larger contrast with the color of the water. It meets the danger, the target is more obvious, and it is convenient for first aid.

How do you choose to be suitable for yourself, first of all is to know yourself!

It is an important thing to pick out a suit for your own body, and to set out a body - building body.

A fat, dark, monochromatic swimsuit, the style should be simple and smooth. Don't choose a separate swimsuit, which will look more bloated.

The thin type should choose the unique segmentation line, or the orange, red, yellow and so on.

Short people should be selected with bright colors, lively style, high leg type swimsuit to make legs look slender.

A kind of bra and optional swimsuit.

In addition, the shoulder strap is tied to the neck of the swimming suit, the swimsuit fold up to the chest, will have a good effect of plastic chest. The waist coarse selection body style swimsuit can make the upper and lower line of sight separate, free from the waist coarse trouble. Thick thighs with skirts or flat style, the most thick cover parts of thigh.

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