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German innovative swimsuit using microbubble effect
Dec 23, 2017

German innovative swimsuit using microbubble effect

Scientists at the Hohenstein Institute in Bönnigheim, Germany, recently introduced an innovative swimsuit using a special surface coating for the first practical test in the Heilbronn Soleo indoor pool. This special coating utilizes ultra-hydrophobic films of ultra-thin and ultra-light textile materials, that is, water does not get wet.

This means that the air present in the fibers will not be squeezed out, but instead forms an ultra-thin silver air cushion that greatly reduces the frictional drag during swimming. Many waterfowls, such as penguins, make use of this system.

An important factor is that this new development to a large extent in line with the latest FINA FINA regulations. 2008 swimmers wearing high-tech swimwear have created many new world and European records, and in 2009 FINA passed the toughest high-tech swimwear regulations. Therefore, the neck, shoulders and ankles can no longer be covered. The material buoyancy of a swimsuit can not exceed one Newton / 100g.

The researchers said that in the coming months this active role of the textile coating will be further improved in order to prepare to enter the market. Swimsuits may have been worn by swimmers at the 2012 London Olympics.

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