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Fashionable sunglasses
Oct 18, 2017

The latest popular sunglasses are plastic frames with oversized lenses. The lenses should be big to cover half a face or whole face. The lens is big enough to effectively block the sun, in case of ultraviolet radiation. Candy color Plastic Super large frame sunglasses most star, and super fun!

Plastic frame provides a larger design space, see D&G play frame color, play Crystal logo, also play turtle moire, very test wearing courage.

Designer sunglasses focus on the design of the foot, plastic materials let the mirror foot design better play, such as: Tortoise pattern, geometric patterns, black and white lines. Metal mirror foot love decorated with artificial crystal, and trademark design to rob the limelight. Lighter lenses are more flattering than black lenses that cannot be seen, and add to the mystery of the wearer.

Because the nose of Asians is generally not as good as Westerners ' aquiline, Vista Optics optometrist Chen Huifen The interview that the more suitable for local people's style is: metal frame, plastic mirror feet.

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