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Do not always buy cheap swimwear,It's important to choose the best quality swimwear for you
Dec 23, 2017

Do not always buy cheap swimwear,It's important to choose the best quality swimwear for you

Recently, people living in Xinquan District, Liquan Road, Meng Jing bought a swimsuit. "Business engage in promotions, less than $ 100. I see the style looks good, bought it." However, after the swimsuit upper body, not only the fabric rough, very uncomfortable to wear, especially to her hard to accept that after the swimsuit turned out to be serious Fade, "a moment later, I was dyed colorful." Meng Jing slightly annoyed summed up his "shopping", "really spend money to buy a lesson, next time really can not figure cheaper, new style Buy a swimsuit without a label!

Since the summer, hot sun, swimsuit to become a hot commodity, but with the increase of sales, the phenomenon of fish in the swimwear industry frequently surfaced, the swimwear industry suffered "quality door" awkward.


Fashionable and most important

Recently, I visited part of our city swimsuit, shopping malls and markets swimsuit point of sale and found the shopping mall "well-known" swimsuit lacking in human interest, and the market, "unknown origin" of the product has a lot of market, the original in a lot of consumption In the eyes of the selected swimsuit, fashionable and more important.

In our city's large shopping malls and swimming pool, the sale of swimsuit with a certificate, manufacturers produce standard and size table, the basic price of 100 yuan to 400 yuan, the individual high-end brand swimsuit prices in more than one thousand yuan . These expensive swimsuit "aristocrats" are mostly classic style, shopping malls sales staff explained: "Regular manufacturers of bathing suits will generally give top priority to comfort, style is in the second place." The reporter saw the best-selling summer with Inverse, large shopping malls swimsuit counters lacking people interested.

In contrast, the swimsuit on the market is mostly "three no" products, but the price is cheap, fashionable, bright colors, more attractive to consumers. July 17, at the Lei Feng Stadium night market, Sun booth swimwear stall owners only more than an hour to sell three swimsuits. Consumers Ms. Hu while busy in the colorful swimsuit to choose their favorite style, while a friend called to recommend: "The night market swimwear only 50 dollars, style and color Ye Hao, come and see it. "In Ms. Hu view, swimwear is not a common commodity, do not need to buy a brand, the quality is justified on the line, the key is good-looking.

Industry insiders suggest:

Quality is the "absolute principle"

In many countries in the quality of testing, swimwear products have been to maintain a high rate of failure. Among them, mainly including fiber content, tensile elastic elongation failure. Chang-Hua Chang, a ten-year industry veteran who advises consumers, swimsuit is a relatively special product with both beautification and protection functions. Therefore, quality is the "principle" that can not be ignored in the selection of swimwear.

According to Chang Lihua introduction, buy swimwear, to choose the regular brand, complete labels, regular manufacturers of qualified products, rarely appear fade, deformation, etc., although slightly higher unit price, but long life, accounting down, the cost is often higher . 

Quality, but off, has almost become a swimwear industry, "chronic illness", you want to reverse the situation, in addition to the relevant functional departments need to step up efforts to investigate and deal with the public have to polish their eyes, do not be confused by the appearance of the outside, should focus on product quality, choice Regular manufacturers of goods.

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