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Different bikini Muslim women's swimwear
Dec 23, 2017

Different bikini Muslim women's swimwear

Sina blogger "intentions to see the world" blog post "custom: Muslim women's swimsuit" is very interesting.

Muslim canons teach Muslim beauty not to expose other than face, hands or feet in front of the alienation except husband and father. As a result, traders built this unique swimsuit specifically for Muslim beauty and named it "burkini."

Different bikini Muslim women's swimwear (2).jpg

Different bikini Muslim women's swimwear.jpg

At a time when the more off-limits, the better-known, the more exposed, the more fashionable the world exists, and the bikinis and thongs that appear full on the wrong occasion and cultural background, many Muslim women But wearing all kinds of "burkini" swimwear.

There is no doubt about this. There is no doubt that Muslim women, who abide by their own social customs and religious culture, have added a variety of bright colors to a variety of world cultures.

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