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Choose the swimsuit and embrace the perfect holiday
Dec 23, 2017

Choose the swimsuit and embrace the perfect holiday

When the summer comes,the beauty will be annoyed with what kind of swimsuit to choose. Next, teach you to choose your own swimsuit according to your own figure.

1. fine chest with a pleated swimsuit

A small flat chest women, want to make the chest appear more fullness, you must choose some chest with pleated swimsuit models, because the folds have stereo feeling, can make breasts look more plump. If the effect is more significant, you can choose a bright red, yellow and colorful swimming suit, which can make the lines more prominent under a fair complexion.

2. with the breast piece

For a woman with a full chest, a swimsuit will always feel uncomfortable and often afraid of walking. May as well consider a head style, can not only lengthen the line of the body, but also reduce the opportunity to walk. And the horizontal pattern can make the fullness of the upper circumference appear more flat, and the combination of the two can make the lines more homogeneous and natural.

3. thick waist and double color swimsuit

For the coarse and lack line ladies, regardless of what type of wear swimsuit, just to understand the color supplement, can play a smaller waist effect. A body of different color or pattern suits, is the best combination, which can effectively highlight the contours of the waist, make the curve more exquisite.

4. short fine with plain bikini.

Don't think tall to wear good-looking bikini, in fact, short stature of women, wearing a bikini but can highlight the beauty of lines, make the waist and legs look more slender. But the color should be mainly plain, avoid bright colors and patterns of exaggerated style, although this kind of eye-catching style can make the body look more plump, but failed to make the stature is slender

5. foot high with a swimsuit

The legs stout like female players, put some high shorts tailored suit. Although this will show the legs all out, but on the contrary, it will make the legs look longer and make the lines more beautiful.

6. big buttocks and short skirt swimsuits

Plump buttocks, you should choose a flat foot or short skirt style swimsuit, with the upper body with a more exaggerated pattern, can effectively cover the hypertrophy of the hips. Because the exaggerated pattern can have the effect of shifting sight, shorts or short skirts can effectively mask the fullness of the buttocks, and play a modified effect.


The good quality of the swimsuit life is shorter than other clothes, so we should pay attention to the sanitary and maintenance of the swimsuit. Wet with water before the water, reduce water or seawater corrosion; the first painted a good sunscreen and wearing a swimsuit, so as not to apply to the clothes; every time after swimming, immediately rinse with water, do not use hot water, washing powder, bleach, washing machine; bacteria increased with the humidity and multiply, all kinds of mold have been clustered on the swimming suit, and so do not go swimming in the swimming wear clothing is not dry. After washing, the swimsuit should be placed in the cool and ventilated place, and the proper sun is given in order to kill the mold.

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