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Choose Swimsuit
Oct 18, 2017

(1) Spandex content: Spandex Content International standard is about 18%, better than the swimsuit, one is to reach 18% spandex content.

(2) Elasticity: Good bathing suit should be tight, of course, the elasticity is not the bigger the better, but rebound recovery is better, many stretches can still return to the original is good. Feel good is also needed, we can compare few, YINGFA and other professional swimwear and shopping malls, zoke and other bathing suit feel, pay attention to the swimsuit is not the more expensive the better.

(3) Brand: The world's largest two swimming brands: ARENA, SPEEDO, has a world-class standard of swimming supplies, style avantgarde, performance excellence (but I do not recommend these two brands here, mainly the price is very high, the general swimmers do not need such a professional swimsuit, unless you are full of swimming enthusiasts, and hard to buy.

(4) style and color: Swimsuit style, color is also an essential choice for all, this is mainly to see your personal preferences.

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