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Buy swimwear knowledgeable, inappropriate easy to walk away
Dec 23, 2017

Buy swimwear knowledgeable, inappropriate easy to walk away

In summer, swimming and drifting have become a good way for many people to work out the summer, and the swimsuit is the necessary thing. Because of the numerous brands of swimsuit, the quality is different. A little bit of carelessness happened when buying and using unsuitable swimsuits. In this regard, professionals are reminded to choose and use swimsuits carefully.

Poor workmanship, almost out of sight

Recently, Miss Huang was confronted with an embarrassing thing. She went on a drift with her friends, bought a cheap swimsuit in a hurry, played for a while after the water, and opened the line on the side of the swimsuit, almost "out of the light".  According to Miss Huang, because of the temporary decision, there is no preparation. A swimming suit was bought directly to a small shop near the tourist attraction. It was worn less than half a day and it was bad. "The price I bought is not cheap. It's nearly 100 yuan. But I didn't wear it once, so it was really depressed. And, if it's not found in time, you don't know what the consequences are. "

Like Miss Huang, because of the swimsuit problem, there are many embarrassed citizens. Many people, because of the swimsuit did not know enough, will choose swimsuits or swimming trunks. After it was put on, the problem was found to be much. "Rubber band some poor quality swimsuit swimming trunks with shoulder straps, easily broken. If you can't find and deal with it in time, it will encounter 'exposure'.

The staff of a lingerie shop introduced that some private processing points or small workshops began to produce swimming suits because of the less materials and less complex process of the swimsuit. The quality of the products produced by these manufacturers is not guaranteed. In the workmanship and selection, the manufacturers are less than the regular manufacturers. The security problem is even more worrying.

"If the bathing suit is too big and the elasticity is not good, it can't be well fixed on the body, it will slip down from the body. If the size is too small, it will be tied to the body, extremely uncomfortable and easy to go out." Some underwear shop staff told reporters that poor quality swimsuit price is cheaper, but the material is relatively poor, part of the phenomenon of decolorization. Wearing not only the risk of "walking", but also to stimulate the skin of the human body.

There is a market for low price swimsuits

The reporter found that the shops selling swimsuits were mainly concentrated in the underwear store or some sportswear stores. Moreover, the bathing suits in these places are not only more style, but also relatively low in price. As a result, there are more customers to buy.

Ms. Qiu, a citizen, is one of the regular guests here. She told reporters that one or two new swimsuits were bought every year, and there were already five or six bathing suits at home. In her opinion, the swimsuit, like the ordinary clothes, should wear the style. Since the styles are different every year, it is not necessary to buy a high price swimsuit. "Every year to see other people wear good style, I think to change. If you buy hundreds of dollars a piece, it's too wasteful to change. "

Although it can buy cheap and style, but not every citizen dare to try. Because the bathing suits sold here are not tried. Sales staff said that the reason why not let the trial, is for the sake of health. "You have to wear the swimsuit all over the body. If everyone tries it, how dirty it will be." In the interview, the sales staff said that as long as they were purchased in accordance with the usual clothes model, there would be no mistakes. The salesmen in some stores also claimed that the sales of the swimsuits were very good, many of them were bought, and there were no quality problems.

You know the pros and cons

When many people are attracted to low-cost swimwear, some people are still turning their gaze to safety and quality. "I've also bought cheap swimwear before, but I usually wear it for a summer and feel less comfortable wearing it "Some members of the public have said that swimming, rafting and so on are pleasant things in their own right. It is not worth it if the unpleasant things happen because of the quality and safety of swimwear. Therefore, rather than worry about swimsuit problems, but can not relax to play, it is better to spend more money to buy a psychological stability.

"A good swimsuit and a bad swimsuit differ in both quality and shape, and if you're just thinking about style, it's okay to choose a cheaper one, but the good and the bad are the same Not the same. "Qingyuan City, a lingerie store staff told reporters that their swimsuit also have high and low points. A high price of 300 yuan, the lowest price of dozens of yuan can buy. However, whether it is hand or visual, high-priced swimwear are more attractive.

It is understood that many bathing suits on the market are not trademarks, the public can not understand the manufacturer of such swimwear, production standards and ingredients. Although the part looks fashionable, and store selling no difference, but put on behind, but will find it as comfortable as the store "In addition to the different fabrics, workmanship will be different .Help swimsuit, feels feels no The same after launching, flexibility is not the same. "Staff told reporters that the general quality swimsuit fabric thick, flexible, not easy to deformation.

A lingerie store staff suggested that members of the public in the selection of swimwear, should try to choose a standardized business, reputable shopping businesses. Do not be tempted to buy cheaper bargains and swimwear for sale by curbs. After the purchase of bathing suits, to keep invoices and other shopping vouchers, in order to appear quality problems can effectively safeguard their rights. In the swimsuit purchase, should be "comfortable" personal "principle of the purchase.

The staff member said the bathing suit needs to be tighter than normal clothes. Because, swimsuit fabrics elastic, after launching, the gravity of the water there will be dragging the phenomenon of swimwear. If the swimsuit is not personal, it is easy to have the risk of slipping. Therefore, in the purchase of swimwear should try on, and appropriate exercise to help feel the effect of wear, too tight, too loose, strong pressure of the swimsuit are not suitable for purchase. In addition, do not choose to style more stitching. Swimsuit is a practical sportswear, stretching strong, large amount of exercise, easily from the splicing at the open line. Swimsuit flexibility is not the bigger the better, but the recovery is better rebound, repeated stretching can still be back to their original. High-quality swimsuit fabric tension is generally very tight.

Many people think that children grow faster to buy bathing suits to be bigger. As everyone knows, the larger size swimsuit children wear not only not close, but also may be due to the buoyancy of water is particularly loose. Therefore, children should choose the fit swimsuit, but also to follow the principle of comfort and personal. Color-based bright colors so that parents can easily observe the child's location. In addition, when buying a bathing suit for children, try to choose to buy easy to wear off split style.

Finally, the cleaning of swimwear should also pay attention. After swimming or rafting, use 20 degrees Celsius water hand wash, wash and gently wring dry. Then, place in a cool dry place to dry, do not expose.

Reference body choose swimsuit

As people's concept changes, everyone's attention to the style of swimwear is getting higher and higher. What popular then, what style to wear the best look, the most fashionable. These are the issues that ladies are concerned about. The underwear sales staff pointed out that the selection of bathing suits must be based on their size. Different body types, different ages, wearing colors, styles are not the same.

Staff told reporters that the shoulder chest generous fullness, waist and hip hip larger, and thin slender woman, you can choose to swim around the neck piece. Because, such a swimsuit can not only highlight the fullness of a woman on the Wai, but also highlight the rounded buttocks, which depicts a super sexy curve. For the lower body than the upper body plump "pear" type body, you can try a little skirt section of the swimsuit. If you are not confident enough about your bust, or consider yourself fat lady, you can choose a chest deep V design swimsuit, try to choose the chest especially do some small flash and pleated design style. Because, it can well create a full effect. Partial full hips stature figure, you can choose two pieces of high waist pants and petticoats, do not choose too complicated patterns, or too bright colors. If you happen to be well-proportioned and petite body, you can choose the kind of small bikini, because the bikini slender figure effect. Slim-skinned woman, the best choice for more complex luxurious feel of the swimsuit. Tall and thin women can choose a lot of decorative details of the swimsuit beauty. Professionals also remind that in the purchase of swimwear, try not to choose white, yellow and other light colors. Because, white swimsuit in the water will reveal the body color, especially sensitive parts. Before launching, be sure to check the firmness of the details of the swimsuit buckle, harness, tether, etc. to prevent it from falling off in the water. In addition, the choice of sleeves and collar bathing suit style, to consider whether it will leave ugly sun, affect the daily dress effect.

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