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An excellent analysis of the spring and Summer International swimsuit trend in 2018
Dec 23, 2017

An excellent analysis of the spring and Summer International swimsuit trend in 2018

The hot summer day is coming. Today, look all over the show and look for the trend of the most tidal swimsuit of the season!

Put on a swimsuit and return to 70s

From orange green alone, we can know how flourishing the 70s swimsuit boom is. Lanvin brings new ideas to the neck swimsuit; DVF's Popper is quite new; SalvatoreFerragamo's yellowish green suede nonwoven bathing suit is the highlight of the whole field.

Dazzling fluorescent color

Still looking for a powerful swimsuit impact? Lucky, this summer, the fluorescent color will sweep the beach. Designer YigalAzrou will design the sunshine tender yellow into minimalism; Zero+MariaCornejo through the mixed powder with black to create hot feeling; MichaelKors shows, the supermodel KarolinaKurkova dressed in bright green two sets but also to the countless critics impressed.

Naked color

To be exact, naked color and gold will dance together: ElieTahari likes golden bikini, SALVATOREFERRAGAMO revive classics, let people find the sexy bar again.

Geometric printing is accompanied by the revival of the 80s

The combination of bold patterns and feminist details is a great inspiration for swimsuit design. No matter the pattern of the VanessaBruno, or the Zero+MariaCornejo's exaggerated contrast pattern in the classic one piece design, it's all right.

The girl that little lolie feels is really a fire!

MarcJacobs show in 1950s, under the background of daisies and grass dances; no DKNY because the modified strap swimsuit Youchi flowers to avoid too mature. Suno in a playful pattern on the added lotus leaf element, more retro feel singing.

Sexy cutting, cutting sexy

Sexy cutting does not stay in the cocktail dress or evening dress deduction, swimsuit designer in bold attempt on the same concern. Serbia designer RoksandaIlincic gives the black Strapless swimsuit a dramatic effect. EmanuelUngaro uses the flower effect tailoring to create a strong feminist effect; EmilioPucci makes the geometric design and bold cutting organic combination.

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